Interview with Laura Ives

8.Apple pie2Our Apple Pie feature in issue 4 is the result of a collaboration between two talented ladies – Laura Ives and Sarah Kieffer. Laura created the beautiful, textural illustrations for the story. We asked her a few questions about her craft and creativity.
Why did you decide to become an illustrator? Can you describe the pathway that led you to this type of career?
I don’t think it was ever something I decided to do, but rather something I’ve done for as long as I remember. So it wasn’t surprising that after school I wanted to do something creative. I studied Fashion Design, then Interactive Digital Media, and then Graphic Design, now my work involves combining all those skills. I incorporate illustration into my graphics work, and into fabric prints I design. I get involved in art exhibitions a lot too, so that’s another area to push things more creatively without the restrictions of a brief. My point really is that everything you learn and do is tied into everything else, and there’s no one pathway to get to where you want to be!
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
As cliché as this is, inspiration really is everywhere. You only need to walk down the street to find interesting textures, colours, faces, shapes. I think it’s about whatever excites you and makes you want to pick up a pencil or brush. Two of my favourite artists who never fail to inspire me are Del Kathryn Barton and Egon Schiele.
Can you describe your style? Do you find your style has changed over time?
Hmm… Ordered chaos?? My style is a mixture of loose scribbles and messy splashes of colourLaura_B&W
What projects are you working on now?
I’m currently working on a solo art show which will have its opening in July at the Belgrave Cartel in Manly!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years – what areas of illustration/design would you like to focus on?
I’d really like to work with album artwork and poster designs for bands and their tours etc, I still remember album designs from CD’s I had as a kid and it would be great to be involved in stuff as long-lasting and wide reaching as that! I think it would be a really fun challenge trying to create something which visually communicates what a band or artist has said through their music. 
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