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Artisan Magazine is a magazine which focuses on stories of the local, personal and unique – all things simple and beautiful. A collaborative project of three friends and colleagues – Natalie Hunfalvay, Leigh-Ann Thomas and Bhavani Konings. Wanting to combine our skills and share in the creative process we came up with the perfect outlet – an iPad Magazine.

A NOTE FROM US: Issue 8 is the final edition of Artisan Magazine produced.

Creating Artisan Magazine has been a true pleasure and a very rewarding experience. We have met incredibly talented and inspiring makers and have been delighted to share their stories. As our personal circumstances have changed – welcoming babies and other big changes – we’ll be taking a break from producing the magazine. Our app and all the editions produced to date are available to download from the Apple app store. We hope to share more creative and beautiful stories with you, our lovely readers, in future.