• “Now on its third issue, lovingly created by three friends and colleagues, this charming stand alone magazine app showcases the delightful surprises that often await readers in a skillfully executed digital edition. Packed with artful video, images, audio and sometimes interactive backgrounds you never know what will pop up in this made for iPad app.”
    6 Digital magazines to Watch” by Greenhouse Media Group
  • Artisan, a local food and lifestyle publication, seamlessly blends images, text, animation and video footage – evidence a tablet magazine can leap off the page.”
    ‘The rise and rise of tablet magazines’ published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday 9 September 2012


  • “Essentially, Artisan is a magazine exclusively for iPad.  As the title suggests, the magazine focuses on stories about local creative people and happenings, with a lean towards unique, handcrafted product.  But to be honest, whilst it is rich with beautiful imagery and content, what’s truly unique about Artisan Magazine are the completely immersive, interactive features.  They are astounding.  It’s like you blinked and suddenly THE FUTURE ARRIVED.”Lucy Feagins, The Design Files
  • “Artisan Magazine is een magazine vol creativiteit en persoonlijke en unieke verhalen, alle mooie en simpele dingen. Mooie fotografie, creatieve inspiratie, food items en veel interactiviteit.”
    April & May,
    vt wonen blog, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • “Game changing indeed. I just downloaded it is it is truly utterly fantastic!! Wow.”
    Lisa Tilse, The Red Thread
  • “Just downloaded the first issue, what a gem! Such a thoughtfully developed app that will beautifully showcase terrific artisan content.”
    Tara, Dove & Tale
  • “Wanted to congratulate all of you on the iPad app. Downloaded it last night to have a look and thought it was fantastic! Loved loved loved the ‘Colours of the earth’ story and wanted to know more. The colours were fantastic and loved how I could change the colour of the scarf, very clever! Another fav was a music sound track as I read about the artist! Well done guys, I could really tell how much work has gone into this and it looks great.”
    David Morgan, Food Stylist Extraordinaire, Sydney
  • “So here’s the deal – it’s for iPad only… and it’s a magazine-style app that showcases artisans and producers in a variety of fields.”
    Vicky Sleet, I Want That, Cape Town, South Africa
  • “The only thing I didn’t like about the magazine was that it was too short!”
    Lanalou Style, Cape Town, South Africa